Telstra Mobile

It's not just about bandwagon. It's about being with the company that has been tried, tested, and made a favorite for most of the time since the business was made known in the country. Introducing Telecom Australia, currently the biggest telecommunications company in Australia with regard to its clientele and service scope. Oh, so you do not know what Telecom Australia is? Telecom Australia is actually more popularly known to the country as Telstra Corporation.

What Is Telstra Corporation?

Telstra, just as iterated earlier, is a telecommunications company. This means that the company provides products and services in the fields of mobile communications, voice communications, the World Wide Web, and media such as digital television. With regard to mobile communications, Telstra has as its front liner its 3G network Next G.

How Did Telstra Corporation Come Into Being?

Telstra Corporation used to be owned and controlled by the government of Australia. The history of Telstra Corporation dates back to the year 1975, when the Australian Telecommunications Commission was established, which brought to the fore Telecom Australia.

Meanwhile, in terms of mobile telephony, Telecom Australia developed its Next G network at around years 2005 to 2006. Come the later part of the year 2005, that was when a UMTS-cum-HSDPA system replaced CDMA as its mobile network service system.

What Does Telstra Mobile Have In Store For You?

Currently, Telstra Mobile provides network service that is compatible with WCDMA, GPRS, GSM and other 3G systems through its innovative Next G network. Aside from this, Telstra also offers mobile phone handsets, mobile phone accessories, and the choice between prepaid and postpaid subscription plans for your mobile phone.

But what really makes Telstra Mobile the mobile phone network services and products provider in the whole of Australia? Followng are just some of the reasons:

  • Telstra Mobile is number one in the country, which means that, if you subscribe to Telstra Mobile, you are guaranteed access to almost every soul in the country.
  • Telstra Mobile is definitely more high tech than most mobile phone network service providers.
  • Telstra Mobile is complete. They have mobile phone packages that don't just have the handsets, but the network connection and the plans as well.