Savvytel Mobile

Savvytel Mobile recently started in 2005 as a provider of low cost mobile phone services. In 2006, Savvytel Mobile launched its prepaid mobile phone as an alternative to expensive traditional carriers. Currently, the company purchases airtime from Vodafone Australia by being a Mobile Virtual Network Operator.

Products and Services Offered

If you are on a tight budget but still want to enjoy the benefits of having a mobile phone, Savvytel Mobile has the perfect product for you. Because Savvytel is allowed to obtain retail license to purchase phone calls at lower rates through the Telecommunications Act, it can offer its customers with cheaper rates compared to traditional carriers. These products and services are offered by Savvytel:

  • affordable starter kits
  • phone cards that can be used when calling international destinations
  • gift certificates
  • a wide selection of mobile phones

When looking for a mobile phone that'll suit your needs, simply visit Savvytel's online shop and see the various mobile units offered.

As a provider of low-cost products and services, Savvytel Mobile is known for its reliable prepaid phones. A prepaid mobile phone works by loading it up with call credits. If you run low on call credits, you can simply recharge so as to extend your call credits. For details on how you can purchase recharge vouchers for prepaid mobile phones, simply visit Savvytel's website. Through the company's prepaid plan, you don't have to deal with bills or get locked into a contract term. For more details regarding Savvytel's prepaid plans, check out the company's website or contact customer support.

Another feature that makes Savvytel Mobile popular is that they offer call credits that don't expire. Every 30 days, Savvytel refreshes your credits so they won't ever expire. For restrictions and guidelines regarding the use of expiration-free call credits offered by this company, check out their official website or call the hotline number for customer support.

If you wish to avail of Savvytel's products and services, purchasing a SIM Starter Kit is a very convenient way of doing so. Covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Savvytel takes great pride in their products and services.