Optus Mobile

As a company under SingTel Optus Pty Limited, the history of Optus Mobile can be traced back to 1981 when Optus was then known as a government-owned telecommunications company. Under the name AUSSAT Pty Limited, it provided satellites for both civilian and military communications and delivered TV services to outback communities in Australia. AUSSAT was then sold to Optus Communications. As part of the private company Optus Communications, AUSSAT's name was changed to Optus and began to offer various telecommunication services to the public. Today, Optus Mobile is a provider of various phone products and services for both personal and business use.

Services and Products Offered

Optus Mobile offers an array of services and products which include the following:

  • Affordable Cap mobile plans
  • discount deals and special packages
  • 3G-based services
  • wide selection of mobile phones
  • MMS services
  • voicemail
  • SIM back-up
  • answering services
  • push to talk (walkie-talkie like feature)

For a complete list of products and services offered by Optus Mobile, you can just visit the company's official website.

As part of the company's various products and services, you can enjoy various features when you avail of 3G services through Optus 3G. News updates, video calling, Instant Messenger, uninterrupted music and video downloads, and the option to browse the Internet are just some of the many features offered by Optus 3G.

When looking for mobile phones that can suit your personal needs, Optus Mobile offers an array of phones at affordable prices. This mobile company also offers phone insurance, giving you peace of mind as you bring your mobile phone wherever you go. If you're looking for a mobile plan that can help you stick to your budget, you can take advantage of Optus Mobile's prepaid deals. Through a prepaid plan, you can control your budget better without having to deal with bills and contracts. For more details, visit the website or contact customer support.

Optus Mobile also offers international roaming services so you can conveniently use your phone when visiting foreign locations. For restrictions and guidelines regarding the use of international roaming services, you can check the official website, drop by any local branch, or contact customer service.