Dodo Mobile

Dodo is a top Internet service provider (ISP) in Australia and mobile service operator. As a market leader, the company aims to provide excellent services not only in few Australian cities but also in other regions, including the countryside. Dodo aims to provide better services at lower prices. In fact, the nationwide service is offered at rate of a local phone call. This raises the bar of competition high enough for other Internet service providers and mobile phone operators. Because of the good selection of plans from Dodo, Australians are given better alternatives for fast and reliable Internet access and mobile service. Businesses are also part of its growing number of subscribers.

Dodo is a known provider of broadband and wireless broadband services. Its list of amazing offers also include mobile pre-paid kits, mobile plans, dial-up and webhosting services, phone cards, home phone, and SMS access.

Dodo Mobile Plans

Do you know what kind of mobile plan you need? Are you willing to sign up for a 24-month contract or would you rather buy a mobile phone minus the plan? Not to worry, Dodo Mobile has a good variety of CAP plans to offer.

  • Cheap Cap 50
  • Cheap Cap 130
  • Cheap Cap 320
  • Cheap Cap 600
  • Cheap Cap 1300
  • Cheap Cap 1600

Please note that the CAP plan number indicates the amount of credit you'll get. Take for instance, Cheap Cap 50, which offers $50 worth of credits. When you subscribe for a 24-month contract, special rates will only apply during the specified period. Once the contract expires, subscribers will be charged with standard rates. The free credits may be used for national calls, access to SMS and voice mail, and calls to other mobile numbers. Various call, SMS, and flagfall rates also apply.

Pre-Paid Mobile Kit

The Dodo Pre-Paid Mobile Starter is available online. Your credit card may be used for online purchase. The kit may also be bought in retail stores all over Australia.

Once you sign up, you'll be asked to provide account details such as your mobile phone number and password (found in the booklet). You'll then have to choose your recharge amount. The customer service will help activate your account during the free call from your mobile phone.

Dodo Mobile Wireless Broadband

Different set-up fees are based on the duration of the contract (12 months, 24 months, or no contract). Expect longer contract period to have lower set-up fees. Additional features also include the anti-spam service, free dial-up account (back-up), static IP address, and up to 30 MB for personal webhosting. Contact the customer service staff for inquiries on rates and special terms for these plans:

  • 256Kbps ADSL
  • 1.5Mbps ADSL
  • 8Mbps ADSL