Crazy Johns Mobile

The Crazy Johns Mobile Phone Company started out in 1991 as a retail store under the leadership of John Ilhan. It was then known as "Mobileworld." The name Crazy John's was actually a result of John Ilhan's reputation as someone who's marketing ideas were considered "crazy." The name stuck and since then, John Ilhan's Mobileworld was known as Crazy John's. The Crazy Johns Mobile company became popular when it became the first-ever company in Australia to market mobile phones worth $1. Formerly a Telstra Mobile dealer, Crazy John's now offers its own mobile phone plans and deals through Vodafone.

Through the years, the company was able to earn several awards and recognitions for their achievements as Australia's largest independent phone retailer. Today, about 500,000 customers in Australia are serviced by Crazy Johns Mobile Phone Company.

Services Offered

As a Mobile Virtual Network operator with more than 120 retail stores across Australia, various services offered by Crazy John's include the following:

  • affordable mobile phone plans and deals
  • prepaid and discount plans
  • mobile phone and music gadget accessories
  • broadband products
  • wide selection of mobile phones

As part of Crazy John's business solutions, you can also select from a variety of packages that can cater to your business needs. These various packages include business Cap plans, special bundles, and other flexible deals that'll suit your Internet and data needs. For more information regarding Crazy John's business packages, simply visit the company's official website.

If you love digital photography, Crazy John's has the perfect product for you. Through its Photobook products, you can easily edit and print your digital photos and have them displayed inside a professionally made photobook. The software used in this package allows you to give more life to your digital photos, providing an alternative means for you to tell your adventures and life story. For enquiries regarding Crazy John's Photobook products and services, you can just visit the website to access the contact information.

For questions or more details regarding Crazy John's other various services, you can just visit the company's website, drop by any local retail store, or contact customer service.